excel标准偏差(stdevp 函数)

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The STDEVP function is used to calculate the standard deviation of a sample population through numerical calculations. It returns the standard deviation in the form of parameters for the entire sample population. The standard deviation reflects the degree of dispersion from the mean value.

The STDEVP function can take up to 30 parameters and can either be provided as separate arguments or referenced using an array or array reference. It is important to note that the function assumes the input parameters represent the entire sample population and not just a subset of it. For smaller sample sizes, the STDEV function should be used instead.

It is also important to note that the STDEVP function uses a method called "plus-minus" to estimate the standard deviation, which may result in slightly different values compared to the actual standard deviation. This method is suitable for large sample populations where the calculation might be computationally expensive.

For more precise estimation, it is recommended to use the STDEVPA function, which includes both numeric and text parameters. The STDEVPA function returns the standard deviation in the same format as the STDEVP function but with an additional parameter for text/logical values. This ensures that all parameters are taken into account when calculating the standard deviation.




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